Friday, 18 December 2020

What’s the Difference Between Red Oak Flooring and White Oak Flooring?

Oak flooring has become the most popular tree breed use for hardwood floors. With good reason -- bamboo is readily accessible, affordable, rugged and incredibly beautiful What some people do not understand is that there are two unique genus of walnut flooring easily available -- red pine and white pine.

If you are intending on getting new hardwood floors installed species will normally work out just fine. The wood you choose may be based on the end-use and colour you are thinking about to your room total appearance. The largest difference between the expenses of red oak flooring and white walnut flooring can differ somewhat depending on areas. However, prices Are Usually the same

So, what would be the greatest differences between red oak and white pine flooring?

Grain. Red oak may get a more powerful grain pattern, with more variation. Some people preference might be the strong graining of red oak -- both for its visual appeal as well as the powerful graining does hide scratches and scratches quite nicely. Others favor the cleaner more straightforward visuals which white pine is known for.

Matching Existing Stairs. If you're intent on matching current stairs, being aware of what wood they is imperative in preparing your decision that hardwood to purchase. Ordinarily, you'll want to have an specific match any floors to the stairs they will be butted into. Mind you that Red oak is more common in stair treads, saddles, banisters and other alterations than white pine. And chance are, in the event that you already have oak stairs, then they're probably red oak. But if you are constructing new stair treads or substituting the old, choose whichever oak species you are more passionate about.

Red oak or walnut, they are both gorgeous, you will not lose from picking one oak over the opposite. When one gazes at bamboo floor, the elegance and warmth only draws you in.

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Refinishing Hardwood Floors With That New Look Using Our Dust-Free Method


As It Pertains to refinishing your hardwood flooring, West Sussex Floor Sanding will do this but without creating a never-ending dust problem, one that goes on for years after the work is finished.

That may occur if you are dealing with a cheap or fairly inexperienced floor contractor.

West Sussex Floor Sanding is a locally, family-owned business. We're situated in West Sussex , also been serving taxpayers and the business sector in the West Sussex For at least 25 decades. We're dedicated to doing all floors function at a quality manor, to be able to make our clients contented. Us too! A large benefit to"wowing" our clients are referrals: meaning, if we do great work we receive referrals that's always greatly appreciated!

3-Step Rx For No Sanding

If your wood flooring is lightly scarred or worn, we can use our dust-free sanding process.

Before the process starts, our unique applicator assesses the floor for contamination, including wax, that prevent adhesion of the urethane. Once your flooring is free of contaminants, we begin the three step finishing process. Generally we can finish this procedure in only 1 day

STEP #1 -- Virtual fact

Rx For Wood Floors no-sanding formula chemically"sands the hardwood floor." The same as sanding, this exceptional formula rubs off the old finish to prepare the hardwood for beautiful fresh topcoat. It saves time, cost, and the mess of conventional sanding.

STEP #2 -- Repairs

West Sussex Floor Sanding professionals utilize Rx For Wood Floors fix products to create any necessary repairs to the surface of the flooring before applying the final finish.

STEP #3 -- Growing

Rx For Wood Floors unique catalyzed wood finish is applied and permanently locking with the original end for an attractive, clean finish that lasts.

Friday, 23 October 2020

2020 Hardwood Flooring Trends | What to Watch For

Since 2019 is wrapping up, it is a fantastic time to begin looking towards the new year. Who does not love the feeling of starting new with a new year? The flooring trends for the upcoming year align for this! The concept of a bright fresh home is what we are referring to! 


These cable brushed textured finishes aren't exceptional to 2019, but we will continue to observe these on the rise. We detect people craving which"lived-in" look and feel as if it comes to your hardwood floors. Getting a hardwood flooring which will have the ability to manage to your lifestyle, while looking magnificent at your next get together is at the top of the listing!


Muted gray tones will continue to keep strong throughout 2019, particularly on species like white oak, hickory and ash hardwood flooring. The muted gray tones combined with beautiful wood grains and character, creates a very unique looking hardwood flooring for your home. The subtle variation throughout planks helps to provide visual interest while remaining muted enough to let your personal style shine through. Monochromatic and simplicity will continue to stay strong throughout 2019.


We have noticed a significant change throughout 2018 that will continue to execute 2019 and forever. Possessing a flooring that's low maintenance and easy to take care of is a chart topper for Client's flooring want list! Practically, nobody wants to spend daily cleaning their hardwood floors , and wish to have the ability to sit back and unwind without visiting every speck of dust & dirt in their own hardwood flooring. Deciding on a light stain color along with a textured finish is going to be your very best buddy if you're searching for low care.


With your hardwood flooring being a major investment and buy for your dream home, it's just natural that you want to make sure that your flooring may handle your lifestyle.We've seen a significant shift in clients searching for a floor that will be able to deal with the wear and tear of daily life. Whether you have pets, kids, or will be the go-to for hosting special occasions, we've got you covered. Going with character, knots, mild tones, and cable brushed finishes will give you the durability you're looking for.

What about you - What trends are you loving for 2019?

Monday, 3 August 2020


Floor Sanding West Sussex group has developed two tremendously powerful, simple to implement, inexpensive processes that will assist you decorate your flooring.

Maybe your West Sussex Area house's hardwood flooring are gouged and scraped thanks to a own resident puppies or kids. Or perhaps you're remodeling a condo which overlooks the West Sussex, and you are fighting to determine how to manage dull, worn finishes and scuff marks left from the last owner. The team at Has developed two tremendously powerful, simple to implement, inexpensive processes that will assist you decorate your flooring.

1. RX for Wood Floors

This excellent product does away with many traditional floor beautification processes, such as sanding, and it removes the need for special ventilation or odor removal methods. Better still, RX for Wood Floors burnishes the wood's innate colour. This rejuvenation system employs a urethane process to restore floors to their previous beauty and eliminate penetrating scuff marks, scratches due to heavy traffic, gouges, and dullness.

We can execute the RX for Wood Floors process in only a day, generally. First off, we utilize"virtual sanding" (using chemicals) to eliminate the preceding finish to prep the floor for a better top coat. This is easier than traditional sanding, and it does not release tiny particles of dust and old finish into the air. The next step requires the experience of the Professionals; we will fix the surface and apply the finish. At length, the RX for Wood Floors product catalyzes the locks and finish in the beautiful restored aesthetic.

2. The BonaKemi Atomic Dust Containment System (DCS)

We often fear sanding their hardboard floors due to the dust which the procedure produces. This dust not only annoys, but it could also provoke allergies or even asthma attacks. Dust can linger in air ducts and cause difficulties for weeks.

The Atomic DCS process is a much healthier, quicker, and cleaner way to go. Essentially, the system employs a super strong vacuum to suck airborne dust before it can leach in your air ducts as well as other regions. A sealed hose bees from a trailer parked out of your residence to the sanding equipment our technicians use. The dust has sucked from your house immediately, maintaining the clean air in your environment.

If you would like more information about either RX for Wood Floors or the Bona Atomic DCS Procedure, please get in touch with the staff at West Sussex Floor Sanding today. Discover more in

Monday, 29 October 2018


Hardwood flooring is used in a great deal of homes today. This is due to the beauty and the elegance it could bring to a home. Hardwood flooring gives people that warm, homely feeling and makes the house more hospitable.

The different Types of hardwood floors:

There are different kinds of hardwood floors you can make your pick from. There are in fact five kinds of hardwood floors which are generally used today. The five types of hardwood are prefinished, unfinished, solid wood, engineered wood and acrylic impregnated wood. Every one of these has their own set of advantages to offer you. Prefinished hardwood has quickly become the most popular kind of hardwood flooring. This may be bought quite easily and it is extremely simple to install. All you have to do to install it is to cut it into pieces and match it together. Unfinished hardwood floors take a little time to put together and may be a bit time consuming. But all the attempts will be worth it because these hardwood flooring look really magnificent as soon as they are finished.

The other types of hardwood floors:

Solid wood hardwood flooring has ever been the popular and traditional choice. But it requires a lot of time to install and to remove it in case you want to. Engineered hardwood floors are all made from layers of veneer. They're glued together and this design makes them very hardy. Acrylic impregnated wood flooring are made using a particular process and this type is comparable to prefinished floors.

Thursday, 11 October 2018


Hardwood flooring has always been a symbol of exotic home d├ęcor. Hardwood flooring is an excellent selection for just about any home.

Here are some Benefits of hardwood flooring over carpeting

Longevity: Hardwood flooring can endure for a really long time. Other materials have yet to be so durable and powerful. Hard forests, particularly pine, stand the test of time.

Sensitivity: Laminates and other floor materials give a cold feeling under your feet. Hardwood is obviously warmer than laminates. Wood retains heat for longer and making it perfect for flooring.

No breeding ground: People with allergies may be safer using hardwood flooring since they don't capture those things as carpeting do.

Cleaning and upkeep: Wood flooring are easier to clean and sweep. They're also easier to keep than laminate floorings as they require a lot of washing and scrubbing.

Whenever you have plans to stay in a home for long time, you need to go for wood flooring. Any scratches or marks from pets and children don't influence the aesthetics of this ground, as they are sometimes polished and covered. Hardwood floorings provide an attractive look to your house.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

4 Reasons to Upgrade to Hardwood Flooring

Spring is the beginning of home improvement year. When you're making your list of jobs that you'd like to finish, consider an update to hardwood flooring! There's a reason it has been among the most popular flooring choices for centuries. Here are only a couple of the many reasons you should upgrade to hardwood this spring!

Increase the Value of Your Property

If you are ever likely to market or even lease your home, you can find a significantly better price if it has hardwood floors throughout. Although a hardwood floor installation may be more expensive up front, it is going to pay off in the long run. Buyers and renters know the worth of hardwood flooring, and they're eager to cover it.

Updated Appearance

We've all seen those old laminate floors and carpets which are cracking and just plain unattractive. The natural appearance of hardwood flooring can update your floor's look and make a much more inviting, warm atmosphere in your dwelling.

Easier to Clean and Maintain

It doesn't matter how "simple" or "light" firms make vacuum cleaners, they'll never, not be a hassle to
deal with. You've got to drag the thing out from wherever you maintain it, plug it in, then take care of the deafening screech whilst you struggle with it to clean the ground. With hardwood floors, you won't need to use the vacuum cleaner nearly too much, if you need it whatsoever. All you have to keep your hardwood from daily is a easy dust mop.

Exceptional Durability

When you put money into hardwood flooring, you get gorgeous flooring that will stand the test of time. Carpeting typically only lasts three to five years. With appropriate care and maintenance, your solid hardwood floors could last decades.